Kingdom Missionary – Rescue, Train, Send- is a non-profit Organization project under 501 (c) (3) status through the Church of God Kingdom Missionary.


Kingdom Missionary Rescue engages in Charity and Relief purposes worldwide, to help those who are affected by disaster and or life threatening situations and development process.


In Kingdom Missionary Train, we believe that faith in Christ must be applied to all areas of life, that God’s Word has the answers to individual and world problems. As an educational institution, our goal is to present Christ and his Kingdom in all subject matter and in so doing have each child develop a world life view with Christ as the focal point.

Specifically, Kingdom Missionary Training takes hold of the responsibility of shaping a Christian mind, cultivating a Christian heart, and promoting Christian service – head, heart, and hands – thinking, feeling, doing – all mysteriously intertwined in each person. The formation of the whole child with thoughtful, passionate Christian commitments, that is the vision of our Training.

The mission of Kingdom Missionary Training is to be an effective instrument of God. Together with Christian parents and the church, we seek to educate children and young people so that they may grow and mature into perceptive and caring Christians. Finally, our goal is to produce citizens who have a transforming influence in the world.


More importantly, with a big number of East Africans in the United States, we intend to establish classes that will teach our younger generation native languages and history and traditional studies of our eastern countries. 


Now that active members of Kingdom Missionary Training and Rescue have learned and received services of our Lord Jesus Christ through God’s servants, the members and students will go and serve others and we send them on missionary trips and occupations.