Our story begins with Apostle Seth Vyamungu Kaburungu in Hilo, Hawaii. Apostle Seth Found Covenant Ambassadors Group – CAG in August, 2011 after God has called him to proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom to the world. He served the group as the President until September, 2015. On July 13, 2016 Apostle Seth received a Certificate of Ordination as Ordained Minister and it is the date Church of God Kingdom Missionary was born. The first branch to be born was the Muhuta, Rumonge-Burundi Church led by Pastor Nestor Nsabimana as now led by Reverend Pastor Olivier Sibomana; since then CGK Missionary has three active branches in Rumonge (Muhuta, Gitaza and Kigwena) and one active branch in Kanyosha Bujumbura. 

Apostle Seth Kaburungu and his family decided to move from Hawaii to Wichita, Kansas in April, 2017 in the process of planting more of CGK Missionary churches in the United States. The Corporate church management is successfully working to establish a Headquarter church in Wichita, Kansas and other places in the United States.

Our church is still young with many projects and goals to accomplish. We rely on samaritan individuals who help financially and spiritually to make our dream come true. The world needs to know our King Jesus and learn more about the Kingdom of God. The Gospel of the Kingdom seems to be fading in our christian world, and God has called us to restore and strengthen the Gospel.  With your help we can reach where we have not reached yet, join us and let’s all together make a difference for the Kingdom of God.