The CGK Missionary’s Superintendent Apostle Seth Kaburungu was born in DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) in the Marinde Camp; due to the 1972 Civil War in Burundi that caused his parents to flee from Burundi to Marinde Camp, DRC. Since then, Apostle Seth has never, until today, seen the country of Burundi but have been so passionate and motivated to part of Burundi as a burundian himself. Our mission in Burundi is driven upon our superintendent’s love of Burundi to bring good news and help those who are affected by wars and civil conflicts.

Burundi is about the size of Maryland and has 11 million of population as of 2016 census. Burundi is struggling to recover from civil wars and ethnic genocides since in 1972; until now, Burundi is suffering from famine, poverty, political crisis and untreated illness due to lack of sufficient medical operations. Child mortality rate is high and average life expectancy is 53. About 7 million of citizens out of 11 millions populations are living in poverty life. Youths engage more in violence and drugs because they don’t have jobs and other activities to improve their lives.

Our church founders and leaders have dedicated themselves to serve Burundi by bringing the gospel of the kingdom as Jesus commissioned his disciples that the Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world as a testimony to all nations. What Burundians need is the Gospel to unite them together and declare the freedom in the name of Jesus Christ. We strive to preach the message of Peace, Kingdom of God, and Power of the Holy Spirit to end violence and ethnic divisions in Burundi that Christ came down to earth to unite all tribes of the world to be one just He and the Father are one.

Our goal is to plant churches in all of the 18 provinces of Burundi and establish projects that will help burundians improve their lives from poverty and famines. To plant one simple Church costs average of $2000 without instruments and other special operations. We rely on Donations and good samaritans who volunteer to support us sustain the operations of Good News in this region.

Every December starting in the year of 2018, CGK Missionary through its program “Kingdom Missionary Rescue” provides school supplies, clothing, and gifts to orphans, widows, and families who are unable to support themselves. The operation is a year around prepared, by the end of January, we start collecting donations, gifts, and clothing from donors and support around the world, especially in the United States. Church of God Kingdom Missionary is 501(c)3 under IRS Regulations and we accept tax deductible donations either funds, bonds, belongings (includes clothes, Devices, etc).  To Support specifically to this program click the donation button below. Anything you donation designated for this program will only be used for this program.