Apostle Seth Vyamungu Kaburungu was born in DRC Congo and raise in Refugee Camps: Myovozi and Mtabila Camps. He and his family migrated to the United States in September, 2007. Apostle Kaburungu was born in a Christian home; his father–––Mwl. Munonera Wilson was elder in an Anglican Church where Apostle Kaburungu was raised until he changed denomination to Methodist around 2015. Kaburungu played instrument and led numerous choirs as he grew in christian faith.

in 2011, Kaburungu founded a non-denominational group–––Covenant Ambassadors Group to unite young men and women who attend different churches in the Burundian American communities around the United States. Within the Group, Apostle Kaburungu was able to host two Gospel Conferences, preaching and uniting people in Christ. He led the group as a President from August 2011, to September 2015. Shortly after retiring from leading the Group, around October 2015 Apostle Seth Kaburungu published his first Book written in his native language Kirundi called IMIGENZO Y’ IMANA.

July 13, 2016 Apostle Seth Vyamungu Kaburungu received a ministerial certificate and there was born CHURCH OF GOD KINGDOM MISSIONARY. He first opened a church branch in Burundi City of Muhuta, Province of Rumonge., then Gitaza and Kigwena and the Church Headquarter known as the “CGK Missionary Wichita” in Wichita, Kansas USA.