KMR 2019 provided School Supplies

CGK Missionary provides School Supplies to Orphaned Children


Kingdom Missionary Rescue is one of the CGK Missionary programs to provide charity assistance to those who are in need and or affected by disaster situations.

Kingdom Missionary Rescue with its mission in Burundi that every year we provide school supplies, clothes, and gifts to widows, orphans, and families that are unable to sustain themselves economically.

This september 11, 2019, we were able to give school supplies to 150 children that can’t afford school supplies at In Muhuta, Rumonge. Most of children at school don’t do well due to lack of notebooks, and other school supplies that could help them learn well. Teachers have hard time to educate their students properly since many of them do not have enough supplies to take notes of the course. Our church (Church of God Kingdom Missionary) through its program Kingdom Missionary Rescue has seen the opportunity to help some of the schools provide students with basic school supplies.

Our Superintendent Apostle Seth Vyamungu Kaburungu sponsored this projected as he provided the means of financial to buy the supplies need to be provided to these Children. It was a remarkable day as children were excited about the supplies, each received 4 notebooks and 3 pens. The governing bodies of the Commune Muhuta and School principles attended were so supportive and appreciated the initial work of giving School Supplies to the orphaned children.

Keep our Ministry in prayers and support us if you could. email us at cgkmissionary@gmail.com for more info.